Blowing Rock Brewing Company began with the idea to create a beer that captured the finest qualities of the High Country. For that reason alone, we believe in the importance of giving back to the environment that defines us. We will always make sustainability and the sourcing of local ingredients a priority in everything that we do. Taking care of our company means taking care of the environment and the people who continue to support us and our mission of bringing the High Country to beer drinkers everywhere.

Product and Packaging

  • We use 100% recyclable aluminum cans that can be infinitely recycled without losing quality. (Did you know that 1kg of aluminum can make 75 cans, whereas 1kg of glass only produces 4 bottles?)
  • We use ITW Hi-Cone photodegradable six-pack ring carriers that break down from sunlight. The ring carriers lose 75% of their consistency within days of direct exposure to sunlight.
  • We chose corrugated kraft board material for our case trays to reduce energy, chemicals and waste. Corrugated material has a 91% recycle rate, and is made from only reusable and recyclable material.
  • We brew, ship and package all in NC! All of our packaging materials are sourced from NC suppliers.
  • Local ingredients are priority. In fact, we just sourced 160 pounds of NC pumpkin to make our Roasted Pumpkin Ale! We’re also members of High Country Local First to support local farmers and business owners.

Brewing Process

  • All spent grain is sent to local farmers to feed their animals
  • We recycle all cardboard, glass, and aluminum. In fact, all cans are sent to organizations raising money for local non-profits.
  • Our Blowing Rock Brewery uses an ultra high efficiency heat source and radiant floor heat to cut energy use. It is also super insulated to conserve the energy that we do use.
  • We installed a heat exchanger to reclaim the heat used in our brewing process and use it to heat city water for the next brew.
  • We locate our glycol tanks in a cooler to reduce the energy needed to cool them for each brew
  • We installed a caustic reservoir to reuse the caustic chemicals used in cleaning.