Where To Buy Our Beer

Blowing Rock Legacy and Ale House Series can be found in grocery stores, restaurants, bottle shops and other retailers across North Carolina. Our brews are distributed by Tryon Distributing Co. For more information on where to find Blowing Rock beer, contact [email protected]

Core Beers

Cloud Rise Hazy IPA

Cloud Rise Hazy IPA

7.2% ABV | 25 IBU

Our Cloud Rise Hazy IPA is the peak of elevated enjoyment. Notes of crushed pineapple and zesty orange from Cashmere and Mosaic hops meet a bright dankness only Simcoe can offer. Pillows of white are suspended above the hazy atmosphere of this delightful brew.

Available: Year-Round

Blowing Rock IPA

Blowing Rock IPA

6.2% ABV | 35 IBU

The mountain brewed path of our legacy IPA leads your senses to their destination. Climb to the top with this well balanced India Pale Ale, featuring notes of fresh citrus, stone fruit and evergreen.

Available: Year-Round

Blowing Rock Kolsch


5.5% ABV | 25 IBU

Our Kölsch-style ale puts a North Carolinian twist on a classic European recipe. Traditional Pilsner malts combined with Aramis and Mistral hops elicit a unique clean, crisp flavor. Subtle, refreshing citrus aromas and a lager-like finish perfect this brew for any occasion.

Available: Year-Round

High Country Hazy Pale Ale

High Country Hazy Pale Ale

5.4% ABV | 29 IBU

Go to the Mountains! Open your next mountain adventure with our High Country Hazy Pale Ale. Late additions and dry-hopping of fresh hops bring rise to brilliant layers of citrus and tropical fruit. Make it your calling! 

Available: Year-Round

Blowing Rock 321 Crushable IPA

321 Crushable IPA

4.8% ABV | 20 IBU

Ride the mountain of experience with our easiest drinking IPA. Big additions of fresh & fruity Mosaic and El Dorado hops give lush expressions of berry, stonefruit and pineapple. Brewed to be crisp, clear, light and refreshing. Crush your next adventure!

Available: Year-Round

Fresh Trail Golden Lager

Fresh Trail Golden Lager

4.5% ABV | 25 IBU

Discover the trail ahead! Premium pilsner malt and experimental, new-age Noble hops give this sessionable lager a bright golden hue, a silken mouthfeel, and a fresh aroma.

Available: January–April

Plunge Pool Peach Wheat

Plunge Pool Peach Wheat

5.0% ABV | 25 IBU

Take a leap into Summertime bliss! This refreshingly crisp ale sparkles with juicy peach aroma, inviting you to enjoy the flora of the mountain, white water rushing around your toes, and the beer in your hand. Brewed with peaches, two-row barley, soft white wheat, and cascading mountain water.

Available: May–August

Mel Electrum Amber Ale

Mel Electrum Honey Amber Ale

6.9% ABV | 40 IBU

Inspired by the natural elegance of amber illuminated by the sun, we wanted to make our own “Honey in a Glass” to share that wonderful warmth with you. Luscious honey flows through a delicious base of mild and caramel malts, leading to rich copper and amber hues, a smooth mouthfeel, and a clean ale finish.

Available: September–December

Big Chocolate Porter

Big Chocolate Porter

6.9% ABV | 32 IBU

This traditionally inspired Porter is brewed with chocolate malts, Carafa malts, and a touch of vanilla. This brew boasts a 6.9% ABV while remaining light in body, but rich in roasted malt flavor. To achieve additional depth, we nib with ground cacao during fermentation. Dry and smoky undertones will leave you yearning for another sip.

Available: Year-Round

16oz Rotating Specialty

Meadow Mist Hazy IPA

Meadow Mist Hazy IPA

6.8% ABV | 40 IBU

As the sun rises through the valley, a dewy mist starts a new day. Fields of new-age hops and a unique malt profile of barley and triticale provide this experimental brew with an herbal essence and lush mouthfeel. This energetic IPA features notes of pineapple, passionfruit and juicy guava, with an enticing nose of tropical flowers.

Available: February–May

Bestie West Coast IPA

The Bestie West Coast IPA

7.2% ABV | 58 IBU

Before you count your friends, make sure you can count on them. Some say a good IPA is like your best friend. This is that IPA. Big notes of orange marmalade and pine resin, topped with a classic floral Cascadian aroma. All around, it’s our Bestie.

Available: June–September

Grandfather's Breakfast Stout

Grandfather’s Breakfast Stout

9.0% ABV | 40 IBU

Warm the morning or top off the day with our Grandfather’s Breakfast Stout. Brewed with specialty malts, house-toasted oats and natural cocoa powder. Maple syrup is added during fermentation with a touch of locally roasted coffee. This brew is among our most decadent and complex seasonal offerings, exhibiting nuances of mocha, toasted nut, and spice.

Available: October–January

Specialty Draft



5.7% ABV | 20 IBU

Our Blowing Rock Oktoberfest is the ideal Märzen style German Oktoberfest brew. It pours with brilliant, golden copper color and the malty aroma evokes notes of breaded caramel. A traditional hop profile delivers a malt-forward, smooth finish to this well-balanced seasonal brew.

Available: Fall Seasonal

Midnight Raspberry Wheat

Midnight Raspberry Wheat Ale

5.4% ABV | 27 IBU

Full of bright flavors coated in a dreamy, dark hue, this small batch brew is designed with two-row barley, pounds of red raspberries, and specially roasted Midnight Wheat. A tart, crisp finish and the sweet kiss of raspberry makes this unique wheat ale the perfect transition from long summer nights to brisk fall evenings.

Available: July-August

Ripple in the River IPA

Ripple in the River Imperial IPA

9.8% ABV | 90 IBU

The universe asked us for a new IPA, and we were moved to make some ripples. Feel the flow of life in liquid form with notes of chewy malt, juicy guava, persimmons, and aged tobacco. Bursts of tropical coconut aroma rift off the surface of this roaring IIPA. Enjoy our newest big brew, and the little things that go into making each moment sweeter than the last. 

Available: March-May

Clementine Kolsch

Kölsch Variant

Varying ABV | Varying IBU

Blowing Rock Brewing offers varying twists on one of our most beloved beer styles. Throughout the years, we’ve offered unique flavors including Cranberry-Pomegranate, Chai, and Clementine. Stay tuned for the latest Kölsch creation variant available in your area!

Available: April-June

Stream of Stars

Stream of Stars Belgian Tripel

9.8% ABV | 25 IBU
This lustrous, high-gravity Belgian ale features a smooth Pilsner body, a floral nose, and huge notes of gooseberry, white grape, and orange. Warm clove rounds out the finish. Glittering gold sweetness will leave you longing well into the night.

Available: February-March

Brave New Brown

Brave New Brown Ale

5.5% ABV | 25 IBU

Embrace the changing of the seasons! We’ve searched for ways to warm our hands and fill our hearts with a new American Brown Ale, cellared on Toasted Oak and given a generous dose of Vanilla. This velvety, full-bodied ale features notes of mocha and semi-sweet chocolate with a smokey, oaked finish.

Available: November-December

Rotating Nitro

Rotating Nitro Beer

Varying ABV | Varying IBU
Throughout the year, Blowing Rock Brewing offers varying twists on one of our most beloved beer styles. Previous offerings provided nitro beers for Scotch Ale, a Winter Gingerbread ale, and a Peach Fruited Ale. Stay tuned for the latest nitro beer available in your area!

Available: Year Round